Monday, December 20, 2010

1st of the Season!

Today the woofers got to play in the 1st snow of the season. If you look close you can see Maddy the Chocolate lab showing a dusting of snow flakes on her back.
Halle to her left is looking happy on this Monday the week of Christmas. :)

More news to come later this week from Day-Stay at walk-About

Thursday, December 9, 2010

December shimmering light

The photo may be a little out of focus, but that just adds to the effect. :) Here we see Bernie with another new football ready to be tackled by Lucy and Charlotte.

I love how there seems to be happy winter sun beaming down on the woofers.
More to post tomorrow

Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Morning Frost!

The frost on the ground this morning seemed just to invigorate the crew to be extra active! This photo of Maddy is a great example of the playfulness that everyone was full of at Day-Stay today.
~ Ed

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November is digging month.

November Day-Stay has been an extremely active one. So active that Tulla needed a little break today to read the Boston Globe with me. ;)

To tell the truth the real reason Tulla is have a time out with me is due to excessive hole digging with the crew, I felt it was time to stop her when all I could see was the tip of her tail. :)

The holes have been all filled in now and tomorrow if Tulla and friend wish they can start all over again.

~ E

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meet Duchess!

We have a new member at Day-Stay, "Duchess" the Boxer. As you can see from this "Retro photo" she is very energetic. This make her a perfect fit with the crew. (From left to right) Bernie, Abby, Charlotte and Duchess *in mid-pounce*

You may also have notice the battered basketball that was Bernie's doing. ;)

More updates coming soon:
~ Ed

Team Bernie!

Last weeks Happy faces!! Here we see team Bernie: (From left to Right) Lady Abby Smith, Betsy the BBHM, B-Man aka Bernie and Hobbes.

Despite the rain the crew show no lack of Rambunctious-ness. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Tulla, Kiffin, Maddy, Bernie, Abby and Betsy seem to love the brisk start to November. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why do Goldens sleep in the most peculiar ways ;)

Looks like a rainy Wednesday at Day-Stay today. That never seems to change the energy of level with the crew. I do think they love getting wet and muddy. ;) Yesterdays unseasonably warm weather made every one a tad lazy and by midday a nap was needed by most. Above we seen a guest at Day-Stay "Guinness " Sleeping the Golden sleep " as they do" :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Maddy Rampage :D

Keeping the ranks fit and trim this fall seems to be the goal of Maddy the Chocolate Lab. She is still the Matriarch of Day-Stay and keeps an energetic pace with her crew everyday.
On a different note seeing it is Halloween week Friday we will try once again to get a costume shot of all the woofers.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oktober Day-Stay Poat

It's play, play, play all day-Stay! Here we have a few playful shots of some of the Day-Stay crew enjoying what is turning out to be one beautiful fall season. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall is Here!

Fall is here...

...Let's Play!

The 1st day of fall has every very happY at day-Stay today.
Above; Phoebe, Kiffin, Harmony and Tulla
Left: Phoebe and Bernie * Starting there favorite game keep away.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Perfect week so far...

What a great week it has been for the woofers and myself at Day-Stay! The weather has been perfect as I mentioned in my Walk-About Facebook post and we welcomed a new dog to the pack. Betsy. :) Phoebe as you can see is overjoyed with the new dog and looks forward to a few more new members coming soon.
Here we see all the blonde dogs having a yammer moment. I like the way everyday the dogs seem to break off into different teams: Each day they seem to find a new game to keep themselves in constant motion. Tomorrow is Friday and it looks like it going to be another beautiful day at Walk-About. I'll see all their furry faces then!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Welcome to pre-Fall

Hello Everyone:
We are gearing up for fall at Walk-About Day-Stay. This always seem to be the most active time of the year for all the Day-Stay crew. They enjoy the cooler weather and their day lasts a bit longer *because it is not so hot*

I look forward to seeing everyone bright eyed and bushy tails Tuesday morning.
~ Ed

Friday, August 20, 2010

The COLORS of DayStay

Lily Beth's AMBER eyes!

Pegson's PURPLE dog house!

Bernie's ORANGE ball!

Tulla's GREEN tag!

Charlie D.'s PINK tongue!

Rhys' BLUE sunglasses...Hobbes was not as into them!

Bella's GREEN leaf!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Charlie is all smiles while Kiffen tries to convince him into a game of eat my face!

The Dynamic Duo ganging up on a very enthusiastic Pheobe!

Pegson, ready to POUNCE!

After spending so much time with the little rascals so far this month, I have noticed some of their unique playstyles:

Bernie-The Boss: Berine decides who can play and when. If its not ok with Bernie, its not happening.

LB-The Polite Pawer: LB is very polite and when she wants someones attention she lets them know with a cute and soft touch.

Pheobe-The Instigator: Pheobe is the one that always gets the group going. Everyone loves to play with her!

Pegson-The Leap-frogger: Pegson will jump over anyone and anything. He can just well over my head!

Hobbes-The Excavator: Hobbes is the pup that is always finding new places to dig to find new and exciting smells (and new and cool napping places)!

Charlie D-The Happy-Go-Lucky: Charlie always has a BIG smile on his face and everyone loves him and always wants to play with him!

Charlie S-Bright Eyes: Charlie can get anyones attention with his adorable Beagle stare, looking you straight in the eyes and saying 'play with me!!!'

Rhys & Bella-The Dynamic Duo: Rhys and Bella never do anything apart! They are very careful to make sure that when they want to play, they can sneak up and each poke their target and run away before being seen!

Abby-The Mommy: Abby is the one who is always watchful over play to make sure that everyone is being nice! She is the protective mommy of the group!

Tuttle-The Choosey: Tuttle waits all day for the absolute best play session and joins in whole heartedly, as if hes been saving up his energy for the extra special playtime!

Maddy-The Fish: Maddy is super energized by water! Whenever we break out the pool on a hot day, she is the first in. Right after she comes out all she wants to do is play and run all around the pen!

Kiffen-The Generalist: Kiffen is so sweet and will play with anyone who is in the mood for some 'eat my face!'

Tulla-The Specialist (and Sneak Attacker): Tulla only has eyes for he little brother, Kiffen. Her favoriteist game is to stand back and wait for the opportune moment, when she charges Kiffen and the game is on!

All of the dogs have such unique Playstyles and I cant wait to see their personalities develop into even cuter antics!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Business as usual and a summer break.

Hello: It has been a bit since I posted on this Blog. But because things have been very busy at Day-stay the staff and I have not had a chance to update you with snaps of the gang. So I give you this great photo of some of the woofer crew arriving at Day-Stay this week. In this photo from left to right: Bernie aka B-Man, Hobbes, Pegson, Kiffen, and Abby the Golden using Phoebe as a head rest. *which she does not ever seem to mind. :) * I will be on Vacation until just after Labor Day for a long needed break and some vet. Tech. schooling as well. Rest assured that your critter are in good hands with the staff. Have a great August, I'll give you an update in September.
In the meantime Stef, Roisin and Alicia will keep you supplied with weekly Day-Stay photos of the gang.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Paws in Play

Kiffen, Abby and Pegson pause to catch their breath after a romp around the yard. We are lucky to have lots of shade and a cool breeze on mulch mountain to fuel us in this summer heat!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The GoofBalls of DayStay!

Yesterday was another HOT day on the was so hot that everyone was acting a little goofy (ok well theyre always goofy!!), myself included...I got was so jealous that the doggies had a pool to cool off in that I decided to soak myself with the hose! But more importantly, the dogs were being little rascals with big personalities!

Below is a picture of Bernie doing his usual turn and flop/nose dive into the pool routine! But he wasnt the only goofball...Pheobe and Kiffin were playing 'eat my face' ALL day! I couldnt believe the energy...I guess Kiffin was just so excited to have Pheobe back at Daystay! LB was being her cute self too. Whenever I felt a little, polite scratch at my shin it was always the princess looking for some attention. Pegson wasnt so polite in asking! Whenever I sat down, this big cutie would climb right onto my lap, regardless of whether Rhys or Bella was already in it or not!

I cant wait to see what mischief the dogs will get into on Friday when I get to see everyone again!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lost Puppy!

Little Daisy's missing! If you have any info or have seen this dog running around the town please call the number on the flyer. She may not be a member of our family but we're always looking to help. ^_^

Monday, July 12, 2010


Apparently we live in Florida now, because the heat just won't let up for more than a day or two.  But all the dogs manage to keep cool with frequent dips in the pool and  running through the hose.  The heat makes them a little kooky, and here Kiff his with his big goofy hound grin, trying to get attention. After all, he is the popular one in the pack. Everyone's friends with the Kiffer!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

End of a Scorcher!

Yesterdays weather was finally slightly tolerable after a week of soaring temps! All of the dogs celebrated by being sure to get some quality play time in! Pegson was rallying everyone with his playful curiosity while newbie Konna played nonstop with his new friend Kiffin! Pheobe is still on vacation and she was definitely missed by some of her usual playmates like Hobbes and my dog, Nutmeg!

Speaking of my dog, Id like to introduce her, this is Nutmeg! She has been coming to Daystay with me and couldnt be happier! Here she is along with her buddy, Konna!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Miss Maddy, Matriarch of Daystay!

Maddy the chocolate lab has been extra cute recently! We have so many great action shots of her, how could we not give her her very own special post! This girl is queen of the yard. She loves to play and is always following me around with the biggest doggie grin on her face that Ive ever seen! Her very favorite activity is cooling down in the pools! She LOVES water! When we set up a spray mister to cool everyone down, all of the dogs run and hide from the water except for Miss Maddy! Maddy instead is very endearingly leaping in the air to catch the spray! And when we break out the pools on an extra hot day, she is sure to hog all of the action!

Recently, Maddy has even gotten into the world cup! She seems to be a big soccer fan and has all of the other doggies playing to celebrate the world cup! Check out the action shots below!

Monday, June 28, 2010


So today I'm focusing on the queen bee, LB! The bunny soft lady was just too photogenic this week to ignore, especially when she sticks her cute little tongue out and forgets to pull it back in. The heat's been pretty hard on her, with that luxurious coat. But she always seems to find the coolest spot in the yard for a quick nap, or observing the rabble (that's the other dogs.) When things quiet down she loves to sidle up for a cuddle, and if not obliged she paws and nuzzles till you can't help but wanna pet her.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rhys the Retriever Poodle

It was another great week at Day-Stay - oh yeah! I have to mention here one of our newest retrievers, Rhys the Poodle. No, I have not been spending too much time in the sun. I am telling you this little guy is the fastest and most enthusiastic retriever in the yard. Toss a tennis ball and he is off like lightning to grab the ball first AND bring it back in seconds. Got to love him! His shy sister Bella has been making the most of Day-Stay playing with new-found friend Phoebe, the one dog party! Happy Days!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cooling Off at Daystay!

Yesterday was LOVELY weather for playing outside! At about 70 degrees with a cool breeze, all of the dogs were bouncing and ready to go! Pegon was feeling particularly rambunctious and made sure that all of the dogs kept playing! Pheobe and Kiffen played chase all morning, hardly taking any breaks to even lap up some water! Abby kept trying to convince the other dogs to play tug with her, and Bernie (whose new nickname is Bernstein Bear, to add onto all of his others!) and Pegon happily obliged! Through all of the play Tulla, Tuttle and LB were playing teachers pet, following me around looking for some love! Daystay was so fun; I CANT WAIT to see what new antics the puppies will get into next week!

Todays pictures feature the beautiful Miss Pheobe!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Play with me!

Twas a steamy week at Daystay.  Thank goodness for the big shady tree and the overhang or we would have been cooked! Here Harmony (the golden) and Pegson (the boxer) are hoping that just maybe the pools can come out for a while.  Pegson is the new boy on in the pack, and he'd fitting in swimmingly.  He's one of the few pups who can hold his own against Bernie in a Tug-O-War. And he LOVES wrestling about with Kiffen (a Red Bone Coon Hound). But who DOESN'T love Kiffen?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Things Are Heating Up!

What a week at Day-Stay! With the warm weather - the pups were in great form. We kicked off the week on Monday with some serious games of tug followed by a hole digging extravagansa. Here we see Ms. Maddy overseeing her buddy Bernie's digging. Um, Bernie dear? I think that hole is a wee bit too deep! We aren't building an in-ground pool here and we do not have time to go to China today....

Over on Mulch Mountain, Kiffin and Paula pause in their hole digging to share a laugh over some private joke:

Once said holes were dug (and some refilled to a more reasonable depth) the pups settled down for some good old fashioned games of Mulch Wresting and Bite My Face, followed by a cooling mulch nap.
LB, Hobbes and Kiffin have the best napping spot to themselves. Shhhh - don't wake them!

Wait until you see what fun the rest of the week held for our friends. Stay tuned!