Friday, August 20, 2010

The COLORS of DayStay

Lily Beth's AMBER eyes!

Pegson's PURPLE dog house!

Bernie's ORANGE ball!

Tulla's GREEN tag!

Charlie D.'s PINK tongue!

Rhys' BLUE sunglasses...Hobbes was not as into them!

Bella's GREEN leaf!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Charlie is all smiles while Kiffen tries to convince him into a game of eat my face!

The Dynamic Duo ganging up on a very enthusiastic Pheobe!

Pegson, ready to POUNCE!

After spending so much time with the little rascals so far this month, I have noticed some of their unique playstyles:

Bernie-The Boss: Berine decides who can play and when. If its not ok with Bernie, its not happening.

LB-The Polite Pawer: LB is very polite and when she wants someones attention she lets them know with a cute and soft touch.

Pheobe-The Instigator: Pheobe is the one that always gets the group going. Everyone loves to play with her!

Pegson-The Leap-frogger: Pegson will jump over anyone and anything. He can just well over my head!

Hobbes-The Excavator: Hobbes is the pup that is always finding new places to dig to find new and exciting smells (and new and cool napping places)!

Charlie D-The Happy-Go-Lucky: Charlie always has a BIG smile on his face and everyone loves him and always wants to play with him!

Charlie S-Bright Eyes: Charlie can get anyones attention with his adorable Beagle stare, looking you straight in the eyes and saying 'play with me!!!'

Rhys & Bella-The Dynamic Duo: Rhys and Bella never do anything apart! They are very careful to make sure that when they want to play, they can sneak up and each poke their target and run away before being seen!

Abby-The Mommy: Abby is the one who is always watchful over play to make sure that everyone is being nice! She is the protective mommy of the group!

Tuttle-The Choosey: Tuttle waits all day for the absolute best play session and joins in whole heartedly, as if hes been saving up his energy for the extra special playtime!

Maddy-The Fish: Maddy is super energized by water! Whenever we break out the pool on a hot day, she is the first in. Right after she comes out all she wants to do is play and run all around the pen!

Kiffen-The Generalist: Kiffen is so sweet and will play with anyone who is in the mood for some 'eat my face!'

Tulla-The Specialist (and Sneak Attacker): Tulla only has eyes for he little brother, Kiffen. Her favoriteist game is to stand back and wait for the opportune moment, when she charges Kiffen and the game is on!

All of the dogs have such unique Playstyles and I cant wait to see their personalities develop into even cuter antics!