Saturday, July 31, 2010

Business as usual and a summer break.

Hello: It has been a bit since I posted on this Blog. But because things have been very busy at Day-stay the staff and I have not had a chance to update you with snaps of the gang. So I give you this great photo of some of the woofer crew arriving at Day-Stay this week. In this photo from left to right: Bernie aka B-Man, Hobbes, Pegson, Kiffen, and Abby the Golden using Phoebe as a head rest. *which she does not ever seem to mind. :) * I will be on Vacation until just after Labor Day for a long needed break and some vet. Tech. schooling as well. Rest assured that your critter are in good hands with the staff. Have a great August, I'll give you an update in September.
In the meantime Stef, Roisin and Alicia will keep you supplied with weekly Day-Stay photos of the gang.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Paws in Play

Kiffen, Abby and Pegson pause to catch their breath after a romp around the yard. We are lucky to have lots of shade and a cool breeze on mulch mountain to fuel us in this summer heat!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The GoofBalls of DayStay!

Yesterday was another HOT day on the was so hot that everyone was acting a little goofy (ok well theyre always goofy!!), myself included...I got was so jealous that the doggies had a pool to cool off in that I decided to soak myself with the hose! But more importantly, the dogs were being little rascals with big personalities!

Below is a picture of Bernie doing his usual turn and flop/nose dive into the pool routine! But he wasnt the only goofball...Pheobe and Kiffin were playing 'eat my face' ALL day! I couldnt believe the energy...I guess Kiffin was just so excited to have Pheobe back at Daystay! LB was being her cute self too. Whenever I felt a little, polite scratch at my shin it was always the princess looking for some attention. Pegson wasnt so polite in asking! Whenever I sat down, this big cutie would climb right onto my lap, regardless of whether Rhys or Bella was already in it or not!

I cant wait to see what mischief the dogs will get into on Friday when I get to see everyone again!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lost Puppy!

Little Daisy's missing! If you have any info or have seen this dog running around the town please call the number on the flyer. She may not be a member of our family but we're always looking to help. ^_^

Monday, July 12, 2010


Apparently we live in Florida now, because the heat just won't let up for more than a day or two.  But all the dogs manage to keep cool with frequent dips in the pool and  running through the hose.  The heat makes them a little kooky, and here Kiff his with his big goofy hound grin, trying to get attention. After all, he is the popular one in the pack. Everyone's friends with the Kiffer!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

End of a Scorcher!

Yesterdays weather was finally slightly tolerable after a week of soaring temps! All of the dogs celebrated by being sure to get some quality play time in! Pegson was rallying everyone with his playful curiosity while newbie Konna played nonstop with his new friend Kiffin! Pheobe is still on vacation and she was definitely missed by some of her usual playmates like Hobbes and my dog, Nutmeg!

Speaking of my dog, Id like to introduce her, this is Nutmeg! She has been coming to Daystay with me and couldnt be happier! Here she is along with her buddy, Konna!