Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Miss Maddy, Matriarch of Daystay!

Maddy the chocolate lab has been extra cute recently! We have so many great action shots of her, how could we not give her her very own special post! This girl is queen of the yard. She loves to play and is always following me around with the biggest doggie grin on her face that Ive ever seen! Her very favorite activity is cooling down in the pools! She LOVES water! When we set up a spray mister to cool everyone down, all of the dogs run and hide from the water except for Miss Maddy! Maddy instead is very endearingly leaping in the air to catch the spray! And when we break out the pools on an extra hot day, she is sure to hog all of the action!

Recently, Maddy has even gotten into the world cup! She seems to be a big soccer fan and has all of the other doggies playing to celebrate the world cup! Check out the action shots below!

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