Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The GoofBalls of DayStay!

Yesterday was another HOT day on the was so hot that everyone was acting a little goofy (ok well theyre always goofy!!), myself included...I got was so jealous that the doggies had a pool to cool off in that I decided to soak myself with the hose! But more importantly, the dogs were being little rascals with big personalities!

Below is a picture of Bernie doing his usual turn and flop/nose dive into the pool routine! But he wasnt the only goofball...Pheobe and Kiffin were playing 'eat my face' ALL day! I couldnt believe the energy...I guess Kiffin was just so excited to have Pheobe back at Daystay! LB was being her cute self too. Whenever I felt a little, polite scratch at my shin it was always the princess looking for some attention. Pegson wasnt so polite in asking! Whenever I sat down, this big cutie would climb right onto my lap, regardless of whether Rhys or Bella was already in it or not!

I cant wait to see what mischief the dogs will get into on Friday when I get to see everyone again!

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