Friday, May 28, 2010

Things Are Heating Up!

What a week at Day-Stay! With the warm weather - the pups were in great form. We kicked off the week on Monday with some serious games of tug followed by a hole digging extravagansa. Here we see Ms. Maddy overseeing her buddy Bernie's digging. Um, Bernie dear? I think that hole is a wee bit too deep! We aren't building an in-ground pool here and we do not have time to go to China today....

Over on Mulch Mountain, Kiffin and Paula pause in their hole digging to share a laugh over some private joke:

Once said holes were dug (and some refilled to a more reasonable depth) the pups settled down for some good old fashioned games of Mulch Wresting and Bite My Face, followed by a cooling mulch nap.
LB, Hobbes and Kiffin have the best napping spot to themselves. Shhhh - don't wake them!

Wait until you see what fun the rest of the week held for our friends. Stay tuned!

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  1. All that hard work must be exhausting! Everyone looks so happy though:)