Saturday, July 31, 2010

Business as usual and a summer break.

Hello: It has been a bit since I posted on this Blog. But because things have been very busy at Day-stay the staff and I have not had a chance to update you with snaps of the gang. So I give you this great photo of some of the woofer crew arriving at Day-Stay this week. In this photo from left to right: Bernie aka B-Man, Hobbes, Pegson, Kiffen, and Abby the Golden using Phoebe as a head rest. *which she does not ever seem to mind. :) * I will be on Vacation until just after Labor Day for a long needed break and some vet. Tech. schooling as well. Rest assured that your critter are in good hands with the staff. Have a great August, I'll give you an update in September.
In the meantime Stef, Roisin and Alicia will keep you supplied with weekly Day-Stay photos of the gang.

1 comment:

  1. Waves to you!!! Have a great much-deserved vacation.

    That is a truckload o' cuteness:)