Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Miss Maddy, Matriarch of Daystay!

Maddy the chocolate lab has been extra cute recently! We have so many great action shots of her, how could we not give her her very own special post! This girl is queen of the yard. She loves to play and is always following me around with the biggest doggie grin on her face that Ive ever seen! Her very favorite activity is cooling down in the pools! She LOVES water! When we set up a spray mister to cool everyone down, all of the dogs run and hide from the water except for Miss Maddy! Maddy instead is very endearingly leaping in the air to catch the spray! And when we break out the pools on an extra hot day, she is sure to hog all of the action!

Recently, Maddy has even gotten into the world cup! She seems to be a big soccer fan and has all of the other doggies playing to celebrate the world cup! Check out the action shots below!

Monday, June 28, 2010


So today I'm focusing on the queen bee, LB! The bunny soft lady was just too photogenic this week to ignore, especially when she sticks her cute little tongue out and forgets to pull it back in. The heat's been pretty hard on her, with that luxurious coat. But she always seems to find the coolest spot in the yard for a quick nap, or observing the rabble (that's the other dogs.) When things quiet down she loves to sidle up for a cuddle, and if not obliged she paws and nuzzles till you can't help but wanna pet her.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rhys the Retriever Poodle

It was another great week at Day-Stay - oh yeah! I have to mention here one of our newest retrievers, Rhys the Poodle. No, I have not been spending too much time in the sun. I am telling you this little guy is the fastest and most enthusiastic retriever in the yard. Toss a tennis ball and he is off like lightning to grab the ball first AND bring it back in seconds. Got to love him! His shy sister Bella has been making the most of Day-Stay playing with new-found friend Phoebe, the one dog party! Happy Days!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cooling Off at Daystay!

Yesterday was LOVELY weather for playing outside! At about 70 degrees with a cool breeze, all of the dogs were bouncing and ready to go! Pegon was feeling particularly rambunctious and made sure that all of the dogs kept playing! Pheobe and Kiffen played chase all morning, hardly taking any breaks to even lap up some water! Abby kept trying to convince the other dogs to play tug with her, and Bernie (whose new nickname is Bernstein Bear, to add onto all of his others!) and Pegon happily obliged! Through all of the play Tulla, Tuttle and LB were playing teachers pet, following me around looking for some love! Daystay was so fun; I CANT WAIT to see what new antics the puppies will get into next week!

Todays pictures feature the beautiful Miss Pheobe!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Play with me!

Twas a steamy week at Daystay.  Thank goodness for the big shady tree and the overhang or we would have been cooked! Here Harmony (the golden) and Pegson (the boxer) are hoping that just maybe the pools can come out for a while.  Pegson is the new boy on in the pack, and he'd fitting in swimmingly.  He's one of the few pups who can hold his own against Bernie in a Tug-O-War. And he LOVES wrestling about with Kiffen (a Red Bone Coon Hound). But who DOESN'T love Kiffen?