Friday, May 28, 2010

Things Are Heating Up!

What a week at Day-Stay! With the warm weather - the pups were in great form. We kicked off the week on Monday with some serious games of tug followed by a hole digging extravagansa. Here we see Ms. Maddy overseeing her buddy Bernie's digging. Um, Bernie dear? I think that hole is a wee bit too deep! We aren't building an in-ground pool here and we do not have time to go to China today....

Over on Mulch Mountain, Kiffin and Paula pause in their hole digging to share a laugh over some private joke:

Once said holes were dug (and some refilled to a more reasonable depth) the pups settled down for some good old fashioned games of Mulch Wresting and Bite My Face, followed by a cooling mulch nap.
LB, Hobbes and Kiffin have the best napping spot to themselves. Shhhh - don't wake them!

Wait until you see what fun the rest of the week held for our friends. Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Friday Day Stay!

Friday was a sunny, warm and all around gorgeous day and all of the dogs were thrilled to play with all of their friends in the sun! I met newbie Pegon for the first time and he is a such a cutie and continues to bond with fellow big boy Bernie! Abby was also feeling playful and we had a few great rounds of tug of war (She won, of course!). She even got in on a three way game with Bernie and Tula! After lots of play, all of the dogs enjoyed some sunbathing! I cant wait to see everyone again this week!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well the day was a little cold and damp, but no one told the dogs  that. They spent much of the day engaged in play, be it tug of war or fetch.  New boxer pup Pegon on the left has been fitting in spectacularly. He and Bernie are becoming fast friends. And he and Kiffen (the little doggy butt at the bottom there) love to wrestle. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello All!


My name is Roisin (pronounced Rosheen) and I am Walk-Abouts newest employee! I am an undergraduate at Tufts University studying Animal Behavior! I was at Day Stay for the first time today and met a lot of wonderful dogs and had a great time! All of the dogs had a great time playing in the sun and relaxing in the shade once they had used up all of their energy! I got a chance to play with Pheobe, Hobbs, Bernie, Tula, LB, Abby, Charlie the Beagle, Charlie the Golden mix and so many more wonderful dogs. I cant wait to be there again tomorrow to meet more great dogs and have a blast playing with them and watching them make new friends!

Warm weather is coming back!

Hello Everyone!
I was looking through a few of the photos taken at Day-Stay this past week and came across these 2 great snaps. First we see Maddy the chocolate Lab and Tuttle about to catch one of their many toys. Abby: in the background has not noticed what is going yet. ;)
The next shot is of Paula: in true form might I add, ready to pounce on Abby. :)

This Thursday calls for Sunny skies and warm weather at last! I know the woofers will be in a great mood.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chilly dogs

It's been a cold couple of days at Day Stay, but the dogs don't mind. Easier to stay cool while tearing around the yard! Here Paula and Charlie take a little breather on the mulch pile. They banded together with Hobbes to create a little beagle gang (not sure if Paula has beagle in her, but she's the right size!)


Newcomers Sunny and Bella contemplate what fun they will have on their first day of Day-Stay at Walk-About. So much play to be had, so little time. Where to start? With tennis balls, of course!